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Mozart – Don Giovanni Ouverture [ANALYSIS]

Mozart – Don Giovanni Ouverture [ANALYSIS]

Ominous, sparkling, surprising, and most of all ahead of its own time. Find all of this out through this analysis of this Mozart’s masterpiece

Beethoven Symphony n.7, Mov. 1 [analysis]
Beethoven Symphony n.7, Mov. 1 [analysis]

How does a piece of music without any description manage to raise more descriptive explanations than any other work, ranging from catacombs to political revolution? What’s the glue holding the entire symphony together? And what’s one of the biggest issues that arise when interpreting this piece?

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A FREE video series with an analysis of structure, phrasing, and, of course, conducting tips of repertoire works: from Mozart to Brahms, from Beethoven to Debussy. A new episode every week!


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