2016 – ARTax is born

It took some time. Depending on the point of view, it took a lot of time.

Everything goes back to 2013 during the premiere of my first opera, “Camille Claudel”. We held auditions for the leading roles and hired the  person who would then turn into my partner, both in work and in life, the amazing soprano Violetta Lazin.

After the premiere, Violetta suggested to produce the opera in the Netherlands. Naturally, I jumped at the idea! She started to put things in motions and from the idea of a single project the whole thing matured into a brand  new company.

So here we are, after hundreds of hours of discussions, meetings and coffees (and many more hours to come), ARTax is officially a reality. We set out a five years plan and big goals. It is, as Violetta put it, in every way a reflection of its creators: energetic, creative and, most of all,  passionate.

My gratitude goes to Violetta first and foremost for embarking in this journey and, naturally, to all the people that believed in us and made this first big step possible.

I invite you all to follow us in the next years and to share your thoughts. I can promise you an unforgettable and unique experience!

Here’s our website: www.artaxmusic.com


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