Free thoughts in disarray

The wind among the reeds

This piece came out of a memory: a crisp late afternoon in Central Park. For piano and string quartet.

Podium Time Podcast

“If You Miss a Cue”: it was a pleasure to be a guest on Podium Time, a podcast for conductors from conductors, discussing the importance of imagination, the most important aspect of score study, and how we expect people to listen to concerts.

Music and artists in the new witch hunt era

The Weinstein case generated a snowball effect: no, I’m not talking about the lawsuits or the #metoo stories. I’m talking about the side effect on the art world: from a petition to remove a painting by Balthus from a museum to the altered finale of Carmen.

I hate Boulez. Long live Boulez.

I don’t really hate Boulez. But I don’t like his music. But I do like what he tried to do. And I want more of it.

No enemy but winter and rough weather (full review)

No enemy but winter and rough weather: discovering new music is always exciting. The 6th album of the Shakespeare Concert Series is a great mix of old (16th century) and contemporary music.

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