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Music and artists in the new witch hunt era

The Weinstein case generated a snowball effect: no, I’m not talking about the lawsuits or the #metoo stories. I’m talking about the side effect on the art world: from a petition to remove a painting by Balthus from a museum to the altered finale of Carmen.

I hate Boulez. Long live Boulez.

I don’t really hate Boulez. But I don’t like his music. But I do like what he tried to do. And I want more of it.

No enemy but winter and rough weather (full review)

No enemy but winter and rough weather: discovering new music is always exciting. The 6th album of the Shakespeare Concert Series is a great mix of old (16th century) and contemporary music.

What is the purpose of a conductor?

Any breath a conductor takes, any movement has an impact on the orchestra players and on their sound. This simple concept makes a real different when someone steps on the podium.


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