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Henri Dutilleux

The proptotype of the anti-avant-garde, Dutilleux draws from the French tradition of Debussy and Ravel to build his personal language

ARTax – music rEvolution

After almost 3 years, ARTax, a new company based in The Hague, NL, has finally become a reality

From Pickwick to picnic

Pickwick was a great program from RAI TV. Last December the same RAI TV humiliated the RAI Orchestra in an unprecedented way.

Djamileh – origins and synopsis

Djamileh, Bizet’s first mature opera, came right before Carmen. Its music is rich, sensual and beautifully orchestrated, totally worth the listening.

Ravaged Beauty

The conceptual opera “Audioguide III” ends with the disruption of 66 violins. Does this serve the kantian philosophical underground of the work?


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