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A tree, weeping through the notes of the piano, becomes pure poetry in De Falla’s third of “Siete canciones populares españolas”, the Asturiana.

Seguidilla murciana

Second one of the “Siete canciones populares españolas”, with Seguidilla murciana De Falla keeps intact the original character of the song. With a twist.

El paño moruno

First song in the cycle Siete canciones populares españolas, with El paño moruno De Falla throws the listener right into the Spanish folksong tradition.

Baudelaire’s goats

How Baudelaire’s poem “L’irreparable” and an old man’s story inspired a new piece.

Does size matter?

Who says opera should only be staged and performed by big opera houses?
Small opera companies have the capacity to refuel people’s attention on this art, breaking the rituals and engaging new and old audiences.


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