Free thoughts in disarray

Creation’s fever

For a long time I thought it was just a myth, an old wives tale that people like to ramble about to look cool.

Until I experienced it first hand. I was writing the libretto for the opera “Camille Claudel” and abruptely Rose, Rodin’s wife, came into the scene. The scene is a fight between Camille and Rose, extremely confrontational and passionate on both sides.

Camille Claudel and Creative Fever

Why compose an opera based on the life of Camille Claudel?
I have been asked this question more than once.

The answer, is that I was simply compelled to do it.

Culture shall not feed you

Art in general and music in particular are not considered to be fundamental to a person’s education. Why is that the case?

The annoying kid

I recently experienced something that seems to be quite common in today’s concert halls: the annoying kid that will not stop moving, coughing, talking or pointing.

Math and music

From the point of view of providing a 360 education, people from the middle ages were more advanced that we are.

Give me back my right to boo! (and be booed…)

In 2011, I was for the first time in Bayreuth and had the good fortune to attend their new production of Meistersinger. What I particularly appreciated was the enormous effort of Katharina Wagner to think out of the box and bring a brilliant new take on this masterpiece. While half of the hall enjoyed the show at as much as I did, the other half thought it was horrendous and when the time came for the director to appear on stage, she was literally submerged with boos and hostility.

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