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On singers’ size

An open letter to the critics of the London Times, who are targeting singers for their appearances

Is structure mandatory?

Some say it’s essential to have a structure before you start writing anything. I don’t quite share that opinion, at least not completely.

A structure can be very useful, but also very constraining.

Gumption ‘n Rose

Rose Beuret, long life companion of Rodin, was not initially part of the plan.
After all the opera already had two main female charachters, the old and the young Camille.

Creation’s fever

For a long time I thought it was just a myth, an old wives tale that people like to ramble about to look cool.

Until I experienced it first hand. I was writing the libretto for the opera “Camille Claudel” and abruptely Rose, Rodin’s wife, came into the scene. The scene is a fight between Camille and Rose, extremely confrontational and passionate on both sides.

Camille Claudel and Creative Fever

Why compose an opera based on the life of Camille Claudel?
I have been asked this question more than once.

The answer, is that I was simply compelled to do it.

Culture shall not feed you

Art in general and music in particular are not considered to be fundamental to a person’s education. Why is that the case?

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