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10 women conductor who made history

10 of the most influential women conductors in history: from Chiquinha Gonzaga to Antonia Louisa Brico, Veronika Dudarova and Xiaoying Zheng

An Opera Odyssey

Opera Odyssey is an amazingly inspiring journey, exploring the four centuries of opera from Peri to Bruči, in a massive video series.

Harold Farberman, adieu Maestro!

It took me quite a bit of time to write this post. I was really close to him, and honestly I’m still coping with his passing.

Music and artists in the new witch hunt era

The Weinstein case generated a snowball effect: no, I’m not talking about the lawsuits or the #metoo stories. I’m talking about the side effect on the art world: from a petition to remove a painting by Balthus from a museum to the altered finale of Carmen.

Djamileh – origins and synopsis

Djamileh – origins and synopsis

Djamileh, Bizet’s first mature opera, came right before Carmen. Its music is rich, sensual and beautifully orchestrated, totally worth the listening.

Ravaged Beauty

Ravaged Beauty

The conceptual opera “Audioguide III” ends with the disruption of 66 violins. Does this serve the kantian philosophical underground of the work?

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