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10 Black Conductors Who Changed Music History

Orchestras as a whole are still, largely, whitewashed. As a classical musician myself, this has always baffled me. Here are 10 black conductors who I believe have changed music history in a large way.

The Benefits of the Podium: A Flutist’s Perspective

How does a player benefit from conducting lessons? Find out how flutist Aleah Fitzwater improved the quality of her playing through a deeper understanding of conducting and its non-verbal mechanisms.

Podium Time Podcast [2020 Interview]

Podium Time is a fantastic podcast not just for conductors and conducting students but also for everyone who would like a peek on how different conductors work, think, and come to certain decisions, which are sometimes opposite but equally valuable. 

10 women conductor who made history

10 of the most influential women conductors in history: from Chiquinha Gonzaga to Antonia Louisa Brico, Veronika Dudarova and Xiaoying Zheng

Baudelaire’s goats

Baudelaire’s goats

How Baudelaire’s poem “L’irreparable” and an old man’s story inspired a new piece.

Does size matter?

Does size matter?

Who says opera should only be staged and performed by big opera houses?
Small opera companies have the capacity to refuel people’s attention on this art, breaking the rituals and engaging new and old audiences.

Creative dissonance

Creative dissonance

Composing is a reflection of everyday life and how you live your emotions throughout it. Live mildly and you’ll get bland notes out of your pen. But why do that when you can have no fear of right or wrong and listen to the radio in colors?

Conducting Pills

A FREE video series with an analysis of structure, phrasing, and, of course, conducting tips of repertoire works: from Mozart to Brahms, from Beethoven to Debussy. A new episode every week!

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