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Body and baton placement

The orchestra can judge conductors even before they lift the baton: good body posture and baton placement are an excellent starting point

Alexander Borodin – Requiem

Alexander Borodin’s Requiem is not your regular requiem: it’s a 5 minutes piece based on “Chopsticks”

How to give a cue: preparation and release for orchestra and singers

Giving a cue is one of the conductor’s jobs. A clear cue consists of 2 parts: preparation and release. Eye contact, as well as breathing, is crucial.

Vítězslav Novák – In the Tatra Mountains

Vítězslav Novák was a brilliant Czech composer: his tone poem In the Tatra Mountains (V Tatrách) shows folk influences, combined with impressionism, and a monumental vision of the symphonic architecture.

Alexander Borodin – Requiem

Alexander Borodin – Requiem

This piece, quite curiously, began in 1879 as a musical joke based on the a children's tune called "Tati-tati" (aka...

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