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Beethoven – Symphony n.1

A dominant seventh chord that made history: this is how Beethoven’s first symphony begins.

Weber – Euryanthe Overture

With the opera Euryanthe, Weber, a contemporary of Beethoven, aimed at the close union of arts already advocated by Hoffmann. A concept largely inherited by Wagner.

Wagner – Parsifal Prelude to Act 1

The very first phrase of Wagner’s Prelude to Act 1 of Parsifal holds in itself the germs of dramatically important leitmotifs recurring throughout the whole opera: the Redemption, the Wound, and the spear motif.

Beethoven – Leonore overture n.3

Leonore 3, one of the 4 overtures Beethoven wrote for his only opera Fidelio, is a huge symphonic fresco, often programmed as a standalone concert piece

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