Orchestra Conducting Jobs

Conducting opportunities: courses, masterclasses, and conducting positions

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Visual Score Study – How to study a score more efficiently

Visual Score Study: how to look at the score from a technical point of view and improve your conducting studying

Conducting technique: how to break patterns

3 ways to break a conducting pattern: registration, strokes types and body placement – resulting from pitch, notes’ length and dynamics and orchestration

How to practice conducting at home

How do orchestra conductors practice home? With time one learns to articulate musical thoughts but in the beginning it’s good to have a few tips…

Body and baton placement

The orchestra can judge conductors even before they lift the baton: good body posture and baton placement are an excellent starting point

How to give a cue: preparation and release for orchestra and singers

Giving a cue is one of the conductor’s jobs. A clear cue consists of 2 parts: preparation and release. Eye contact, as well as breathing, is crucial.


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Conducting Pills

A FREE video series with an analysis of structure, phrasing, and, of course, conducting tips of repertoire works: from Mozart to Brahms, from Beethoven to Debussy. A new episode every week!

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