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Here you’ll find the links to all the conducting material of this website: the score analysis articles include a full post from which each video of Conducting Pills was derived and, where available, the longer episodes of the series.

The rest of the material is divided into different sections, from basic technique to advanced technique to the “how to conduct”.

If you’re looking for something in particular, use the search box: it will give you an immediate feedback of the results.

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These are all the modules available via membership. Did you buy one or more single courses? Find them over here.

Basic technique

From beat and pulse to marking a score, baton strokes, and left hand

Advanced technique

These videos are focused on more advanced aspects of conducting technique, such as Visual Score Study and breaking patterns

Repertoire: how to conduct…

Technical aspects of selected repertoire pieces, showing how to overcome the most common conducting traps

Audition/competition repertoire

Excerpts of repertoire pieces often present in auditions and competitions

Score analysis

Full episodes of Conducting Pills, where available, along with the related articles and score excerpts

Bonus material

From Mahler’s re-orchestration of Schumann’s 1st symphony to the chromaticism in Mozart’s symphony K504 to the overlapping rhythms of Sensemayá

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