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The music room

This corner is dedicated to pieces of music that are rarely performed and yet do not really deserve to be forgotten.


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Henri Duparc – Lénore

Henri Duparc – Lénore

Due to mental illness, Duparc destroyed most of his music: Lénore, one of the few left, is a symphonic poem based on one of the most popular ballads in German literature.

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Amy Beach – Symphony in E-minor, Op.32 “Gaelic”

A remarkable child prodigy, Amy Beach was the first female composer to have a symphony performed by a major orchestra: the “Gaelic” Symphony was premiered by the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1896.

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Julius Röntgen: piano concerto n.2

Admired by many great composers, such as Brahms and Grieg, Röntgen’s music was quickly dismissed and went almost completely forgotten.

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Mieczyslaw Karlowicz: Symphony in E minor

Karlowicz’s music, at least most of it, got lost during World War II. However, what’s left of it testifies the incredible stature of this musician.

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