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The music room

This corner is dedicated to pieces of music that are rarely performed and yet do not really deserve to be forgotten.

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Henri Duparc – Lénore

Henri Duparc – Lénore

Due to mental illness, Duparc destroyed most of his music: Lénore, one of the few left, is a symphonic poem based on one of the most popular ballads in German literature.

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Alexander Scriabin: Etudes

“In love’s godlike breathing, there’s the innermost aspect of the universe” – A.Scriabin. Here’s a selection of his Etudes.

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Carl Nielsen: Symphony n.2

Nielsen 2nd symphony is subtitled “The Four Temperaments”: ‘The Choleric’, ‘The Sanguine’, ‘The Melancholic’ and ‘The Phlegmatic’.

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Henri Dutilleux: The Shadows of Time.

Triggered by the discovery of the deportation by the Nazis to concentration camps of an entire orphanage, The Shadows of Time is a somber meditation on loss

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Anton Rubinstein: cello concerto n.2

Anton Rubinstein is mostly remembered as a pianist and educator. He was, also, a prolific composer: the cello concerto n.2 was written in 1874.

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