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The music room

This corner is dedicated to pieces of music that are rarely performed and yet do not really deserve to be forgotten.

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Hans von Bülow – Nirvana

Hans von Bülow – Nirvana

Legendary conductor Hans von Bülow, considered by Wagner the only one who could conduct his operas, was also a composer.

“Nirvana” is a symphonic poem and one of the few works of his that survived.

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Giacomo Puccini: Preludio Sinfonico

Puccini’s Preludio Sinfonico was composed for his final 1882 exam at the conservatory in Milan. The performance was everything but a success.

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Carlos Chavez: Antigone Symphony

Carlos Chavez, a composer that deserves much more credit for his talent, was a prominent figure of the mexican music life in the early 20th century.

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Sergej Rachmaninov – Symphony n.3

Passionate as Rachmaninov always is, this symphony is composed of only 3 movements in a cyclic form with references to the plain-chant Dies Irae.

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Alexander Scriabin: Symphony n.1

This symphony is one of the great Scriabin frescoes. At the premiere though, the finale was omitted, considered to be too difficult to perform.

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