“An Opera Odyssey is a truly gargantuan production undertaking by Elbrus TV. Being filmed across 38 countries, it will truly be the most substantial, significant, and meaningful visual history of opera ever to be produced. Viewers will see how the communicative power of opera with its intoxicating mix of live orchestral music, the unique quality of the human voice, poetry-like stories, and inspiring stage designs, affects us both intellectually and emotionally. And it will demonstrate how we need all of these elements to coalesce to give us a true opera experience.”

This project is unlike anything I have been a part of before, and I am dazzled to be its Music DirectorAuditions, recordings, concerts, tours, everything connected by the same thread that originated in the mind of visionary TV director Gerard Patrick.

For the crucial aspect of recording arias, duets, and all the musical material we will be collaborating with the Sinfonia Leipzig in Germany. The natural conclusion of the recording sessions will be a Gala Opera Concert, staged both in Germany and the UK in 2020, as well as Moscow, Beijing, Tbilisi and Nur-Sultan in the spring of 2021.

Opera Odyssey is a fantastically inspiring journey, a coup de théâtre in the age of tweets that is bound to fascinate newcomers and aficionados alike, enticing them into exploring more of the magic of opera, and to realize that their stories, our stories, the composers’ stories are everything but one: the story of humankind.

Do you want to get involved?

If you’re a singer, we will hold auditions for the recordings and the gala concerts. You can find all the details on how to apply on the Opera Odyssey audition page.

Become a patron!

Opera Odyssey is a philanthropic (non-profit) project: upon completion, it will provide substantial support for the sterling work of the renowned charity Musicians Without Borders. We, of course, welcome friends, patrons, and all of you who will support our crowdfunding campaign starting in September 2019. Don’t forget to check out our book!

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Opera Odissey

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