Podium Time is a fantastic podcast not just for conductors and conducting students but also for everyone who would like a peek on how different conductors work, think, and come to certain decisions, which are sometimes opposite but equally valuable. It’s the wonderful thing about music! 

This podcast was founded by two wonderful young musicians a few years ago, Jeremy D. Cuebas and Luke Lyons-Hunt. A few months ago we got to talk again and a second interview was born for their program.

It was as much of pleasure to be their guest as it had been the first time, talking once more about conducting, teaching, and how the art world is adapting to new challenges and unusual situations.

You can listen to it here along with many other interesting interviews. Enjoy!

Pass the baton

10 chapters, 11 videos, practical exercises, and examples with scores: this video course produced for iClassical-Academy will show you, through a bar-by-bar analysis of excerpts ranging from Mozart to Mahler and Copland, how to build your own technique in the most logical and effective way.

Gianmaria Griglio is an intelligent, exceptional musician. There is no question about his conducting abilities: he has exceptionally clear baton technique that allows him to articulate whatever decisions he has made about the music.

Harold Farberman

Conducting Pills

A FREE video series with an analysis of structure, phrasing, and, of course, conducting tips of repertoire works: from Mozart to Brahms, from Beethoven to Debussy. A new episode every week!

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