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Rameau J.P. – Les Indes galantes suite

Les Indes Galantes, suite from the Jean-Philippe Rameau’s opera.

This arrangement is for 2 oboes, percussion, and string orchestra.



Les Indes Galantes ("The Amorous Indies") is an opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau. It takes the form of an opéra-ballet with a prologue and (in its final form) four entrées (acts). Following an allegorical prologue, the four entrées have distinct and separate plots, but are unified by the theme of love in exotic places (The Ottoman Empire, Peru, Persia, and North America).

Rameau wrote several versions between 1735 and 1736 and the opera enjoyed eventually many successful performances. As it often happens, an orchestral suite was composed out of the most famous pieces: however, there are quite a few different versions of the suite, including one re-orchestrated by none other than Paul Dukas.

This version makes use of material both from 1735 and from 1736 and it includes the following parts:

  • Prologue
  • Entrée de 4 nations
  • Air pour les esclaves africains
  • Musette
  • Air pour deux Polonais
  • Menuet
  • Contradanse
  • Ritournelle pour le Turc genereux
  • Tambourines I
  • Tambourines II
  • Air des Incas
  • Air pour les sauvages
  • Chaconne


This arrangement is for 2 oboes, 1 percussion (timpani/tambourine) and strings.
Bowings are included in both score and parts.


Oboes, String orchestra, Tambourine, Timpano


~20 min.


– 1 full score
– 1 set of parts

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