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Rossini G. – Sonata a 4 n.6 “La tempesta”

The last of the sonate a 4 by Gioacchino Rossini, here in an arrangement suitable for both a string quintet or a string orchestra.



The six Sonate a 4 were composed by a precocious Gioacchino Rossini at the age of 12 during the summer holidays spent at the Conventello di Ravenna estate in the home of the wealthy Triossi family.

The musician was hosted thanks to the interest of the young Agostino Triossi, a passionate self-taught double bass player, who invited him to write some chamber music for his entertainment as well as for the delight of his cousins Luigi and Giovanni Morini, respectively violin and cello players.

This precocious and happy compositional phase lasted a total of 3 days, as testified by Rossini himself in a biting self-critical note placed at the bottom of the manuscript part for violin found years later.

Originally written for 2 violins, cello, and double bass, the piece is presented here in an arrangement for string quintet or string orchestra: the viola part has been added, and the cello and bass parts have been changed accordingly, in order to not make the piece too heavy.

All slurs and ties take into account bowing as well: changes of bowings should be minimum or none at all.
The parts have been formatted in order to have as few page-turns as possible.

Have fun with this wonderful music and don't forget to leave a comment!


String orchestra


~16 min.


– 1 full score
– 1 set of parts

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