I recently experienced something that seems to be quite common in today’s concert halls: the annoying kid that will not stop moving, coughing, talking or pointing.

While others have interrupted the performance, I did not. Simply because when I turned to the kid to reprimand him, the orchestra kept playing.

How would you respond as an artist?

What got me thinking was not the kid’s behavior, but the teachers’: none of them moved from their seats in the attempt to calm down the child. Rather, they kept either watching the show as if nothing was happening, or, worse, tapping on their phones.

After getting over the initial upset-state this event caused, I came to the conclusion that it could have not happened otherwise: music is not considered an educational subject,

but a fly-by one.

It is part of the yearly program so you have to do it, but how you do it, it is not important.

In this respect, people from the middle ages were far more advanced than we are, considering music essential as much as mathematics to a person’s education.

How would you respond as a teacher or a parent if it was your child causing the disturbance?

PS: here’s a recent example of a concert being stopped

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